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Show Off Your Gorgeous Smile! Enjoy Wearing Your Braces without the Pain & Discomfort.

OrVance’s OrthoDots® CLEAR Protects Your Mouth’s Sensitive Areas Against Painful Abrasions from Braces.

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Braces Can Help To Restore Your Winning Smile...
But They Can Also Be Painful! How Can You Feel Happy with So Much Discomfort?

You Need a Convenient & Comfortable Way to Make the Braces Work for You.

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You Don’t Need To Visit The Dentist To Relieve The Discomfort Caused By Your Braces. OrVance® Offers A Convenient, DIY Solution For Those Painful Abrasions!

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OrthoDots® CLEAR is made with medical-grade silicone using moisture-activated technology that outperforms dental wax in terms of performance, transparency, and secure patient packaging for safe in-office usage.

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 Safe &

It is non-toxic (if consumed), latex-free, and safe to use while eating and drinking.  

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 Highly Pliable &

It is 20 times more pliable than ordinary dental wax. The adhesive used in this product is twice as strong as similar products.

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 Usable with All

OrthoDots® CLEAR can be used with all orthodontic appliances, including aligner trays.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not pleased with your OrVance® purchase, return the product within 30 days for a complete refund.

We Know That You Need Those Braces...
But Nobody Wants To Deal with The Pain & Discomfort!
OrVance® Works Hard To Bring You Advanced Orthodontic Solutions That Are Also Comfortable To Use!


OrthoDots® CLEAR is the #1 replacement for conventional dental wax.

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It is rated as Amazon’s choice for dental wax alternatives.


It is available at leading pharmacies across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: OrthoDots® CLEAR is a versatile orthodontic wax alternative that eases the pain of braces. Unlike other products, it is moisture-activated and can be quickly and safely applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Don’t Accept Discomfort As Part & Parcel Of Your Orthodontic Appliances!
It Only Takes 10 Seconds To Get Relief Using OrthoDots® CLEAR.