About OrVance

OrVance LLC was established in 2014 with the goal of developing a medical device that would offer better protection against abrasions caused by orthodontic treatment. As a result, OrthoDots® CLEAR became OrVance’s flagship product which has become the preferred replacement to traditional dental wax for both consumers and practices. With seven published patents and one pending patent application, OrVance has continued to launch additional proprietary oral health products including OrVance® Aligner Pontics and OrVance® Temporary Tooth Repair (TTR™) with distribution across both consumer/retail and professional channels. In April 2022, OrVance entered an exclusive licensing agreement with DOC Brands to take over the management and growth of OrVance’s Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Distribution. With DOC Brands, OrVance continues to be an emerging Consumer Oral Health company with a growing line of products and brand penetration across consumer and professional channels. OrVance LLC is an independent company, and is over 90% owned by Dentists, Orthodontists, Managing Partners, and Board Members.