DOC Brands & OrVance Launch Braces Flosser, a Revolutionary Floss Pick for Braces Wearers

DOC Brands & OrVance Launch Braces Flosser, a Revolutionary Floss Pick for Braces Wearers

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE – April, 25, 2024 – DOC Brands and OrVance® have combined forces to engineer a new floss pick design, created especially for those who wear orthodontic braces. Braces Flosser is uniquely designed with a thin flosser arm that easily fits underneath braces wire and boasts ultra-strong floss that won’t shred or break when maneuvering tight spaces. It also has a super-soft bristled pick end that gently and effectively removes food and debris from around brackets for the ultimate cleaning experience.

Flossing with braces has historically been tedious, time-consuming, and often messy. Other floss picks for braces tend to be flimsy and break easily under pressure. Braces Flosser from OrVance® seeks to address the common challenges braces wearers face with a sturdy, slip-free handle, no-break floss, and a soft bristled pick end to give users a quick, efficient, and thorough flossing experience at home and on-the-go.

David Fox, Commercial Lead of the OrVance partnership and Senior Advisor to DOC Brands stated, “We are thrilled to introduce Braces Flosser into a segment

in oral care where there has historically been little to no innovation. Our team considered all the challenges that come from flossing with braces and have created a product that will make the process easier and more enjoyable for braces wearers and the professionals caring for them.”

Braces Flosser is currently available for retail sale in 40 count, resealable packages on Amazon and and in 50 count 3 packs for professional dispensing that are available from multiple distributors and the website.

About OrVance
OrVance LLC is a developer of proprietary oral health products and is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is over 90% owned by orthodontists, dentists and its managing partners. Learn more at (consumer) and (professional).

About DOC Brands
DOC Brands Inc. is a well-established and emerging OTC supplier of consumer dental products, particularly with its leading brand Dentemp®, in the temporary tooth repair, denture and dental guard segments. Learn more at

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