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Prevent & Even
Reverse Early Tooth Decay!

With Our Professional-Strength Fluoride Treatment for Healthy, Unblemished Teeth!

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90% Of American Adults Have Cavities!
If You’re One Of Them, You May Lose Some Teeth Very Soon.
Not Being Able To Smile Due To Missing Teeth Is Embarrassing.

Why Wait for It to Happen When a Solution is Available?

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Preventing Early Tooth Decay & Having Healthy Teeth Doesn’t Require You To Spend A Fortune!
Orvance® Fluoride Treatment Is A Fantastic & Affordable Way To Keep Your Teeth Healthy & Strong!

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A Highly Effective

OrVance® Fluoride Treatment combines fluoride and potassium nitrate to strengthen tooth enamel.

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Reverses Tooth

This product not only prevents tooth decay but can reverse it also!

Works With Your Existing Retainers Icon

Works With Your Existing Retainers

 OrVance® Fluoride Treatment provides you with the necessary fluoride benefits while wearing clear retainers and aligner trays.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Icon

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If unsatisfied with OrVance® Fluoride Treatment, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Many People Needlessly Suffer From Tooth Decay Because Dental Treatments Can Be Expensive.
Orvance® Fluoride Treatment Is A Convenient & Affordable Solution To Strengthen Teeth At Home!

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OrVance® Fluoride Treatment guards against cavities while ensuring that your teeth remain strong and attractive.

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In addition to promoting dental health, fluoride treatment can also improve the appearance of your teeth by removing blemishes.


It is available at leading pharmacies across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Else Can Patients Purchase
Fluoride Treatment?


You Don’t Need To Accept Cavities And Tooth Decay As A Part Of Life! Orvance® Fluoride Treatment Can Help Prevent And Reverse Tooth Decay By Replenishing Your Fluoride Reserves!