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OrVance Launches Free Product Program To All Orthodontic Residency Programs In North America

OrVance Launches Free Product Program Image

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN – June 19, 2018 – OrVance LLC, a developer of proprietary orthodontic products, today announced that it is offering an OrthoDots® CLEAR free product orthodontic residency program. OrVance will provide their new orthodontic wax for all 75 orthodontic residency programs in the U.S. and Canada.

OrthoDots CLEAR is a new orthodontic wax product made from a proprietary (patents pending) composition of clear medical-grade silicone with a moisture-activated adhesive layer. OrthoDots are the first orthodontic wax to provide hygienic unit-of-use packaging for safe in-office and patient use, which is now the standard for consumer healthcare products. Furthermore, OrthoDots CLEAR is the only orthodontic wax product designed for hygienic chairside application.

OrthoDots are preferred over traditional dental wax for both clinical and patient use. They provide a more effective solution for patients because they are easier to apply, stay on longer, and are 17 times more transparent than traditional dental wax.

“We are committed to investing in resident programs because we believe that the orthodontic wax dispensed to patients must provide the essential quality and safety features of today’s healthcare products,” said Ron Schutt, OrVance’s CEO.

“The traditional dental wax dispensed by Orthodontists today do not meet basic healthcare product standards such as single-use hygienic packaging, product traceability, and tamper-evident packaging,” Schutt continued. “We believe OrthoDots deliver the new standard of care in orthodontics not only because they are more effective, but also because they are the first orthodontic wax that provides these essential quality and safety features.”

Dr. Mike Silver, OrVance’s Director of R&D and Technical Affairs said, “We’ve already piloted our free product program with several leading universities. The residents and faculty we’ve worked with are extremely engaged in wanting to learn more about consumer healthcare product standards. They’re also very interested in OrthoDots CLEAR given their desire to find new products that enhance the practice and patient experience. We’ve developed a brief but engaging presentation and have found the common ‘lunch & learn’ format to be perfect to fully educate residents and to kick off our free product program.”

Resident programs can sign up for OrVance’s free product orthodontic residency program by contacting OrVance at service@orvance.com or in-person at the annual Graduate Orthodontic Residents Program (GORP) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from August 3–5, 2018.

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