OrVance Launches First Retainer Image

OrVance Launches First Retainer & Aligner Cleaner Requiring Only 2 Cleanings per Week

OrVance Launches First Retainer Image

(GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN) – Oral health product developer OrVance launches the first removable orthodontic appliance cleaner that requires only 2 cleanings per week.  The company says leading competitive options in the market require daily cleaning and were originally developed for use as denture cleansers. 

OrVance® Retainer Cleaner is the first effervescent cleaning product specifically designed for use with select removable oral appliances including: retainers, aligner trays, mouth guards, night guards, bruxing and TMJ Appliances (the product is not intended to be used with dentures or removable bridges).  OrVance® Retainer Cleaner offers a 3-month supply (28 tablets) as well as patient samples of 4’s (2-week supply) for orthodontic and dental practices.  Packaging and patient samples also provide a QR code to a quick video educating patients how to care for their retainers and aligners

According to Ron Schutt, CEO of OrVance, “OrVance® Retainer Cleaner addresses a major unmet need within orthodontics as it is proven to keep removable orthodontic appliances clean with superior performance, maximum convenience and value to both patients and practices.  Only 2 cleanings per week not only offers great convenience but it is now the best value making it a fraction of the cost of competitive options.  We’ve also focused on the practice in the design of patient samples that offer the most cost-effective way to dispense trial samples with patient education and fully compliant labeling.”  Schutt continued, “The addition of OrVance® Retainer Cleaner strengthens our product line focused on improving the orthodontic patient experience and to provide solutions to support longer-term compliance for retainers.  The retainer and aligner market is very strategic for us as the number of consumers in retainers is on track to surpass the size of the denture market, driven by both the growth of orthodontic treatment and the improvement of longer-term compliance to retainers after treatment.”

According to Dr. Mike Silver, Director of R&D and Technical Affairs for OrVance, “We are proud that the superior formulation of OrVance® Retainer Cleaner now enables consumers to keep removable orthodontic appliances clean with only two cleanings per week.  Test results have proved that the OrVance® formula is superior to leading brands on the market.  The 2 per week label claim with supporting instructions-for-use have been developed and approved with the support of orthodontic practices.”

Dr. Hannapel, orthodontist and co-founder of OrVance added, “OrVance® Retainer Cleaner is a revolutionary new product for both our patients and practices.  I really like how the cases of patient samples provide my practice a low-cost approach to give patients samples with information on where they can buy more.  Plus, the supporting education card provides very simple instructions on how to easily care for their appliances with just 2 cleanings per week.  Maximizing convenience and value for our patients is certain to support our goal of ensuring longer-term compliance to retainers after treatment.”  

Orthodontic practices can order FREE patient trial samples while supplies last from OrVance.com or contact your GC Orthodontics Sales Representative.  Practices and patients can learn where to buy at OrVance.com.  

About OrVance

OrVance LLC is a developer and marketer of proprietary oral health products and is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is over 90% owned by orthodontists, dentists and its managing partners. Learn more at orvance.com.

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