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OrVance Announces Plans To Launch Next Generation OrthoDots®


Detroit, Michigan, March 24, 2017 – OrVance announced plans to launch the next generation OrthoDots at the Michigan Association of Orthodontists (MAO) conference in Detroit on Friday. OrthoDots are an easier and more effective product that stays on much longer than dental wax. The new OrthoDots will be launched officially in April. The newest version of the product includes an enhanced technology that works even better, will provide new easy open packaging, and will be approximately 50% less expensive than the first generation product.

The company says it has invested in the newest technology based on very consistent feedback from its customers. “When we launched OrthoDots® back in 2015, we expected it to be more of a niche item in the market for the patients that suffered from chronic irritation and abrasions. However, our research indicated that OrthoDots® would be preferred by most Orthodontists as the replacement to dental wax if we could hit a more competitive price target than our first product”, said Ron Schutt, Managing Partner/President of OrVance. “So to accomplish this, we set out to invent an even better technology that is much more scalable and will be sold for about 50% less than the first generation product.”

The new OrthoDots® now have the moisture-activated technology embedded within a medical-grade silicone blend. The silicone material used in OrthoDots® is over 30 times more pliable than the leading brand of dental wax, preventing the crumbling associated with traditional wax products. The result is a new patent-pending product that works even better and can be made in high volumes at a much lower cost.

OrVance chose to announce its launch plans at the MAO show in Detroit given its strong ties to Michigan. “Our flagship product was invented, branded, and is being made here in Michigan,” said Dr. Eric Hannapel, OrVance Co-Founder, Orthodontist and MAO member. “Our company is extremely passionate about innovation in our field, and has directly benefited from the many great resources across our state. We have collaborated with the some of the world’s leading companies and universities right here in Michigan, and have found our state to be a great environment during our start-up phase.”

OrthoDots® is the flagship product by OrVance, which is a new venture out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to develop proprietary new products for orthodontic treatment.

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