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OrVance Announces Launch & Distribution Of OrthoDots®

Orthodots® Clear Image

Grand Rapids, Mich, December 1, 2015 – OrVance is pleased to introduce OrthoDots, the long-awaited solution to abrasions caused by braces and other orthodontic appliances. OrthoDots™ combine a bio-medical grade silicone with a proprietary moisture-activated technology to produce an easier and more effective application that stays on much longer than competitive products. The silicone material used in OrthoDots is over 30 times more pliable than the leading brand of dental wax, preventing the crumbling associated with traditional wax products.

OrthoDots also offer unsurpassed hygienic benefits, providing two packaging options specifically designed to comply with FDA guidelines for medical devices that are likely to be used across multiple patients. The ProPack offers 48 individually packaged applications to enable fast and hygienic use on multiple patients in compliance with CDC and FDA guidelines for healthcare settings. The Patient Pack option provides 6 individually packaged applications in a perforated strip, for more hygienic and convenient patient use.

“We have been extremely pleased with the feedback from orthodontists and patients who have tried OrthoDots,” said Ron Schutt, President and CEO. “Without exception, we have heard that OrthoDots are now the most effective orthodontic protection product on the market. The OrthoDots ProPack has especially been well received as the first product in unit-of-use packaging for the practice setting. This not only provides the most effective solution for chairside application, but also offers the first hygienic packaging option that can be appropriately used across multiple patients in a healthcare setting.”

OrthoDots are now available from major suppliers including Henry Schein and Patterson Dental. Patients are also now able to purchase OrthoDots directly on amazon.com. Find the current list of suppliers here and learn more about OrthoDots here.

OrthoDots™ is the flagship product launch by OrVance, which is a new venture out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to develop proprietary new products for orthodontic treatment.

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