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OrVance Announces Exclusive Development Agreement With QuadSil

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  • Provides exclusive access to QuadSil’s antimicrobial technology platform for applications in orthodontics and select dental applications.
  • Provides both parties strong IP & product development synergies in the areas of silicone and antimicrobial technologies.
  • OrVance to represent the partnership in the commercialization of opportunities in orthodontic and select oral care segments.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 3, 2016 – OrVance is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership for the development and commercialization of QuadSil’s antimicrobial technology platform for orthodontics and select oral care applications. QuadSil Inc. is based in Midland, Michigan, and has an unrivaled team with decades of experience in the advancement of silicone and antimicrobial chemistries. They also hold many patents and pending patents for a wide range of antimicrobial and silicone applications.

OrVance has identified specific proprietary product development opportunities that are of interest to global suppliers in the orthodontics and oral care segments. The partnership is designed for QuadSil to take a lead in the product and IP development with support from OrVance’s technical team, while OrVance will take the lead in the business development and commercialization of the opportunities with leading companies in the industry.

“We are extremely pleased to extend our relationship with QuadSil to continue our pursuit of meaningful innovation in the Orthodontics and Oral Care space. The team from QuadSil has a depth of IP and know-how that is anchored in decades of experience at Dow Corning,” said Ron Schutt, President and CEO. “Our flagship products have leveraged advancements in the application of silicone technologies where QuadSil has provided us extended expertise. Now we are looking to extend this relationship to deliver proprietary enhancements to existing products that could benefit by having antimicrobial properties.”

Robert McKellar, President of QuadSil states, “We have many years of experience in developing products and patents around the application of silicone and antimicrobial chemistries. Through our partnership with OrVance, we now believe there are several untapped applications in the orthodontic and dental segments that could benefit by our technology platforms. We are excited to team up with OrVance as they’ve done an excellent job in building high-level relationships with the top players in their industry.”

OrVance is a venture out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, that focuses on the development and commercialization of proprietary products for orthodontic treatment.

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