OrthoDots® CLEAR Sample
OrthoDots® CLEAR Sample
OrthoDots® CLEAR Sample
OrthoDots® CLEAR Sample
OrthoDots® CLEAR Sample
OrthoDots® CLEAR Sample

OrthoDots® CLEAR Sample

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OrthoDots® - The #1 Replacement for Dental Wax

The New Global Standard for Orthodontic Wax

Try a FREE OrthoDots® CLEAR ProPack 48’s for chairside application on us! Keep them chairside to experience the superior performance and patient satisfaction first-hand.

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Available only to Orthodontic and Dental Practices (US and Canada only).

One free sample per practice please.

Introducing OrthoDots® CLEAR, the newest technology for patient comfort and satisfaction.

OrthoDots® CLEAR are made from a medical-grade silicone that is preferred over dental wax because it performs better, is transparent, and provides hygienic packaging for safe patient and in-office use. They are safe to use while eating and drinking, non-toxic if swallowed, and latex-free.

For Professional Practices & Resident Programs

The 48-count ProPack offers individual hygienic applications for in-office use, with only a 10-second chairside application time.

Not for Resale: Only legally dispensed or sold from a doctor’s practice.

OrthoDots® Clear for Practices

  • Works on all appliances including clear aligner trays.
  • OrthoDots® CLEAR are made of clear medical grade silicone with moisture activated adhesive technology. 
  • Now sticks even better – new adhesive is 2X stronger and even works on the edges of clear aligner trays.
  • Using two fingers (see video), pinch adhesive side onto the wet appliance for 3-5 seconds to allow adhesive to set. 
  • Packaged in convenient single use applications – the standard for modern hygienic healthcare products.


Features & Benefits OrthoDots® CLEAR Generic Dental Wax
Sticks & stays the best
(with moisture-activated adhesive)
(17x more transparent than dental wax)
20x more pliable than dental wax
Best for use on all appliances
(including clear aligner trays and attachments)
Hygienic single-use packaging
(for safe in-office and patient use


Poised to replace dental wax and raising the bar in quality, safety, and compliance.

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