Endorsements & Testimonials

OrthoDots® are such a great invention because they are much easier to use and last much longer than anything else. As a parent, I especially like how OrthoDots® are individually packaged for more hygienic use.

Sandi Koski
Parent of Patient

Knowing the team from OrVance®, I can say that this company is very capable of bringing true innovation to our industry. I think they hit it out of the park with OrthoDots®, and it’s going to be fun to see what they come up with next... 

Dr. Scott Tyler
TDR Orthodontics

Endorsements from Orthodontists

OrthoDots® work great for my patients and my practice. My patients say they are much more effective than dental wax and that they last much longer. They are also very fast and easy to apply while treating my patients, which saves me time and money.

Dr. Travis Harshman
Harshman Orthodontics

 have known Eric [Dr. Hannapel] as a friend and then colleague for over 30 years! Due to his never-ending enthusiasm and genuine care for his patients, he and the OrVance® team have developed a great product. I have used OrthoDots® in my office and can say they actually work! Fantastically!! Thanks, Eric!

Dr. Kenneth Grabowski
Grabowski Orthodontics

As an Advisor to the OrVance® team, I know it has been a long journey for Dr. Hannapel and Dr. Silver to develop the OrthoDots® technology. But their persistence in developing a material composition that solves such an obvious market need paid off. OrthoDots® is a great new medical device that brings true innovation to Orthodontic treatment.

Jim Medsker
President, KeyStone Solutions Group

OrthoDots® are such a great product for chairside use because they are applied much faster and easier than anything else on the market. The single-use/hygienic packaging offered in the ProPack benefits the Orthodontist practice as much as the patient.

Shelly Abraham
Clinical Coordinator

OrthoDots® are an excellent addition to the orthodontic profession. Patient comfort is a top priority, and any product that can eliminate a negative experience for my patients will be used in my practice. OrthoDots® are by far the most effective product on the market for tissue comfort. I have found them especially helpful with tissue irritation in the maxillary posterior when using non-compliant Class II correction appliances!

Dr. Jason Charnley
Lakeshore Orthodontics

Not only do OrthoDots® work better than any other product, but I don’t know of any other product that is conveniently packaged in single-use applications. No more tearing off pieces of dental wax for me or my patients.

Darci Brower
Clinical Assistant

Patient Testimonials

I just tried OrthoDots® for the first time and finally took it off after 24 hours – it survived multiple meals & snacks, three cups of hot tea, other liquids, and two teeth brushings. I am sold!!

Rebecca Reed
Adult Patient

I know Dr. Hannapel has not only included me but also many other patients and parents in his invention of OrthoDots®. He really listens to his patients and wants to do everything he can to improve the treatment process. What an amazing invention for the patient!

Teri Smith
Parent of Patient

I really enjoy using OrthoDots® because I get painful sores in my mouth from my braces. OrthoDots will stay put all day even if I eat, drink, or sleep. OrthoDots® make having braces much easier.

Megan Kerber
12 year-old Patient

OrthoDots® have worked great for my daughter, who has braces. They are easy for her to place on her brackets to alleviate her painful mouth sores. We don’t leave home without OrthoDots®.

Cris Kerber
Parent of Patient