OrVance Orthodontic Product White Papers

OrVance’s leadership team and advisors have worked with industry experts to publish three orthodontic product white papers since the launch of OrthoDots® CLEAR in November 2017.


The July 2019 white paper, “Consumer Alert on Generic Dental Wax [PDF],” explains why several quality and safety features have been in place for over 25 years and why patients should not continue to use dental wax that is in violation of these basic quality standards.


1/2 Orthodontic White Papers by OrVanceThe May 2018 white paper, “OrthoDots® CLEAR: Raising the Bar in Quality, Safety, and Compliance [PDF],” compares OrthoDots® to commodity wax in the three aforementioned arenas, concluding that traditional dental wax is no longer up to the quality and safety standards of other healthcare products that are sold to consumers or used in a healthcare setting.


1/2 Orthodontic Product White Papers by OrVance

Published in November 2017, “Why OrthoDots® CLEAR Is Poised to Replace Dental Wax [PDF]” is an introduction to the dental wax market in general and OrthoDots® CLEAR in particular. It goes into detail comparing the features and benefits of this new, innovative product to traditional dental wax — and explains why OrthoDots® are a CLEAR upgrade to commodity dental wax, both for patients and orthodontists.


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